Solaris International Group
Commodity Trading

A subsidiary of AFEC International, Solaris International Group are a consultancy group advising in physical commodities (minerals, metals, fuels & food ) on behalf of private, commercial & Government clients

Solaris has an array of clients located all over the Asian, European & American continent & are always actively looking for new suppliers of coal iron ore & iron ore pellets manganese ore nickel ore chrome ore copper ore, copper cathodes, aluminium & zinc ingots, fertilizer, petroleum products and other commodities to match with our buyers in China, India & Japan.


A global company with offices in Ireland, Hong-Kong & Taiwan Solaris International Group’s core businesses are consulting on physical commodities trading advising on procurement capacity sourcing and supplying commodities for buyers. Solaris is a legally registered trade name of Ahearne Fire Engineering Ltd. which also trades as AFEC International.

Indonesian Coal

Solaris International Group are suppliers of premium Indonesian coal. We offer a range of services that help buyers minimize complications when importing Indonesian coal.

Solaris only work with proven strong suppliers with locally backed funding. Solaris advises on Specifications/analysis of product, Quantity available, Pricing, Helping with Port of loading, and shipping terms.

Iron Ore

Solaris sources Iron Ore from


Solaris can source both Hematite and Magnetite Iron Ore, some Mills prefer hematite and some magnetite. Solaris is on the constant outlook for iron ore mines with either type of Iron Ore to sell to our clients.

Manganese Ore

Solaris Sources Manganese from:

  • Brazil
  • South Africa
  • Indonesia ( only 49 % Mn plus allowable exportable due to change in Law )
  • Zambia

We have from 35 % to 49 % Plus  Mn Ore. Only the manganese ores which contain greater than 35% manganese are commercially exploitable.

New Supplies

Solaris are always on the lookout for new supplies. 

If you are looking for a distributor for your commodities, please contact us at